Posted by Jane Mills on May 17, 2017
My name is Doug Burnie. I am a second generation Rotarian. 24 years ago I joined a group of Rotarians. We traveled to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico and conducted  days of eyeglass clinics. I went mostly out of curiosity i wanted to see a country with people less fortunate than ours. I was overwhelmed by that experience, to say the least. The one thing I learned was that one person CAN make a difference in this world. I have just completed my 24th year of eyeglass clinics.
However, once a year could not fill the burning desire to reach out and touch the lives of those in need, so i started making several trips. first with my van loaded with food, clothes, bibles, school supplies and blankets. then i was asked if i could find a bus for D.I.F. (their Dept. of Social Services) i did! Now fast forward to today. I have taken appx. 15 ambulances, 15 school buses, 1 fire truck and 2 vans to to Mexico - all loaded to the max, not including the numerous van loads I've taken with my own van. Some of the items I've taken down include 200 sets of firefighter gear, 2 sets, Jaws of Life, 5 AED's, thousands of pieces of medical equipment and much more. 

This past winter 2016-2017 was no exception. I made 5 trips, which included 2 ambulances and 2 school buses. Opportunities included EMS/Firefighter training, helping build a house, working at 2 orphanages, several trips to remote Indian Villages and of course, the annual eye glass clinic.
I am proud to represent Rotary and share their ideals. We can make a difference.

Douglas Burnie
More pictures of Doug's trips to Mexico are available in our Club's Photo Album